Colin Roitt

Comp Sci Student and Freelance Web Developer.

Will make you a website!

About Me


I'm Colin, a Computer Science student and freelance web developer and IT solutions manager, and you've stumbled onto the internets equivilent of an answering machine message.
I offer a website development service and other IT solutions; if you're interested get in touch.

I host things I've worked on here such as 'blog with words' and 'projects with fewer words'.

Please scroll down to see said stuff.

Visit The Things

Here are some of the projects that you can visit
Most have a write up on the blog to go with them

Notes. A Material notes app  Blog   All Smash Twitter bot

Ain't no party like an S-Club party   RollR (prototype)

RoadTripr   Zaya's Art (portfolio site)  

New landing page proof of concept


"Having worked closely with me to set up a website I was happy with, I can firmly say Colin is a pleasure to work with." - Owner of

"I had little experience with designing a website and didn't know what I wanted, Colin
turned out an end product that I loved in a short time frame."
- Owner of GCP QA Solutions

"good stuff" - @U_1f410

Contact Me

Feel free to email me or drop a comment on the blog, or to keep up to date with goings on around here follow me on twitter, github, or visit the blog.